Why choose Oberholtzer&Martini?

You, at the center

Our regard for your health places you at the center of our attention.
We emphasize with our patients. Making the right choice is strictly connected to the actual needs of patients, and we always evaluate the context and appropriateness of the options together with each individual.

Healing and curing are fundamental, but prevention is a long-term solution.

Prevention is our philosophy and for this reason we create customized prevention programs for each individual patient.

Who is our ideal patient?

The attitude we encourage in our patients is to develop an active role in taking care of themselves.

Our Mission

  • To help our patients understand the value of their oral health and its connections to their general well-being
  • To contribute to a change in healthcare mentality that emphasizes prevention of diseases
  • Above all, to make our patients smile!

Our Vision

  • We want to transform the patient-dentist relationship into one of collaboration and understanding, in order to work as a team towards the goal of maintaining health
  • We want to change the patient-dentist relationship so that a patient comes for a visit, not to fix a problem, but to prevent that a problem will present itself.
  • We want to create a work environment in which everyone is motivated to give their best for our patients.
  • We want to make excellence a standard that is economically sustainable and accessible
  • We want to create an environment for our patients in which they are accompanied with focus and warmth throughout their individual therapy plan

Our Values


A desire to create a better future.


We are dedicated with all our hearts to providing the best service we can.


We are a team first and foremost.


We value the role an individual has.


We continuously try to improve ourselves.


What we say is what we mean.


We always put ourselves in our patient’s shoes.


Always do what’s right with honesty.


We do our best from the get-go.

Continuing Education

Our profession never stops evolving both scientifically as well as technologically. It has always been necessary to stay up-to-date with all the latest epidemiological studies, clinical techniques and new-generation materials. Both Dr. Davide Oberholtzer and Dr. Ludovico Martini have always dedicated their time to staying updated with the latest information in their field, also by constantly taking high-level professional courses.

This continual professional growth is based upon their need to always improve themselves. And though they look to the future, they also humbly take into consideration that which has proven to work efficiently in the past.

In the end, what is most important to us is that we offer the best to whoever puts their health in our hands