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Dr. Davide Oberholtzer DDS, MSc

Master in Osseointegrated Implantology

Dr. Ludovico Martini DDS

Health Director - Specialist in Oral Surgery
Master in Orthodontics FACE

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This is the Dental Clinic with no language barriers that you are looking for.

Our timetables

Mon 08:00-20:00
Tue 08:00-20:00
Wed 08:00-20:00
Thu 08:00-20:00
Fri 08:00-20:00

Sat 09:00-15:00 (on request)

Where we are

Vicenza, Via Arzignano 71

5 minutes by car from Camp Ederle. Stadium area, a stone’s throw from the center.

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New countermeasures against the Coronavirus

In addition to our pre-existing protocols of protection, sanification and disinfection that protect both the staff and the patients, the clinic has reorganized the workplace in order to better guarantee social distancing as much as possible and monitors certain behavioral aspects in order to reduce the risk of Coronavirus transmission.

Your general health at the core of our service

At the center, you.
You, as a person, are at the center of our attention.

We place an emphasis on prevention and the conservation of natural teeth by taking the necessary time to fully explain the therapies offered to you.

5 Good Reasons to Choose Our Clinic

We do not hide behind a fictional name

The interpersonal relationship for dialogue

Our clinic’s name tells you exactly who is responsible for your therapies. We are the ones who take care of you. You do not have to wonder who will take care of you.

  • 3 Dentists
  • 4 Dental Hygienists
  • 4 Dental Assistants
  • 1 Back Office Manager

Who takes care of you

Excellent quality with accessible prices

Clinical excellence and high-quality materials

Our objective is to make the highest quality of service economically accessible, and we guarantee the durability of our work.


Personalized Therapy

We will find the most appropriate therapy based on your individual needs. We offer alternatives to evaluate the most suitable choice for you.

Your Health

Our work ethic

A specialized and attentive team

We take your health seriously and in our clinic you will always be treated by someone with the appropriate credentials and a specialized background for your treatment. All of our doctors and hygienists are licensed.

We treat your children

Oral health starts in the first years

For a long-lasting impact on your child’s health, it’s especially important to start early in oral health and prevention.

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