Pedodontics: Dentist for children in Vicenza

Are you looking for a dentist who takes care of children?
Do you want to know when children should start going for dental checkups?

First of all, there are dentists who deal with pediatric dentistry (pedodontics). Not only do they care for children’s teeth, but they educate parents on the basics to monitor for their children’s oral health. It follows that it is considered appropriate to make a first visit already when the first milk teeth begin to be present.

Why is it important to visit your baby for the first time?

Not so much because there may be problems affecting children’s milk teeth, but because it becomes a didactic moment even for parents who may otherwise underestimate some aspects related to dental health.

Milk teeth (deciduous teeth)

An incorrect diet, some bad habits, and a lack of accuracy in cleaning the teeth are all elements that can lead to damage to the milk teeth in a short time.

It is true that milk teeth are lost sooner or later (unless the permanent tooth below is absent). But they have a specific function, and some remain in the mouth to carry out their task until the age of 12.

Those involved in pediatric dentistry have the task of educating parents on the correct management of the oral health of children. Often he finds himself fighting against clichés, debunking some customs which, even if in good faith, end up damaging the milk teeth.

That said, managing a child with dental problems isn’t very easy. Paradoxically, younger doctors with less experience often look after children in dental offices. Perhaps this happens precisely because there is a tendency to give less importance to milk teeth.

We instead believe that children are to be valued. Not only because baby teeth are important, but above all because if children are educated to properly maintain the health of their teeth, they are likely to have few dental problems throughout their life.

Who to turn to for children’s teeth?

We are fortunate to have Dr. Scirin Abbassi in our office, who is not only a passionate expert in pediatric dentistry, but is also a mother. She is therefore able to understand the difficulties that parents may have in managing the health of their children.

Dr. Abbassi not only deals with the arrangement of milk teeth damaged by caries, but is constantly committed to teaching parents how to best clean the teeth of their children, also highlighting the critical issues that can emerge from an incorrect diet typical of this historical period.
She is always ready to give nutritional advice and advice on changing habits in order to promote the maintenance of the oral health of the children.
In addition, he applies a particular psychological approach with children in order to help them face the visits to the dentist with greater serenity.

Dott.ssa Scirin Abbassi

Medico Odontoiatra, esperta appassionata di odontoiatria pediatrica.
Laureata all’Università di Padova.

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